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Complete an offer

We are not responsible for any problems that may arise with any offers. We are simply publishers of advertisers who are contracted with gaming companies. We are unable to substitue an available offer for an alternate offer should any issues arise. Simply refresh your offer page and choose another available offer. If you encounter a problem where you have in fact completed an offer and the site says it has not been completed yet, please wait! It can take up to two minutes for the servers to communicate the completion.

Invalid ID PID

If you have completed and offer and recieved a notification of "Invalid ID PID", this is due to delayed redemption of your code and it has expired. This is why we say it's in your best interest to redeem your Steam code as soon as it has been generated to avoid this issue.

IP address blacklisted

If you have completed more than three offers in a 24 hour period, then your IP is on our blacklist. It can easily be removed from our blacklist if
you contact us explaining why you have more than three offers in one day. also if you have a dynamic IP address, you can restart your router and try again. This is in our best interest to combat spam and keep our codes free for you!

Proceed button does not work

Clicking on the proceed button opens a small window to proceed giving you the option to confirm to proceed, or refuse to proceed. If you click "I accept", and encounter nothing or just a gray window,
you may have ad-blocker enabled in your browser. Simply disable your ad-blocker and click again on the Proceed button. If you use
an old version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, it may be helpful to update your browser to the latest version,
or try to refresh the page and click Proceed again. - In case you are still not able to click on proceed, send us an short desktop recording video via contact page.

Trouble viewing a video?

There is a problem that may prevent you from watching our video demo if you are using an extension of your browser that prevents automatic video playback. There are plenty of extensions that may cause this problem, so we can not mention names.

Generated code does not work?

The only problem that could really cause this is generating a code and waiting to use it, so you are using and old ID PID.
This has only been reported by very few of our generator users, and to date this is the only problem that has been reported regarding this site. If this does happen to occur when you are redeeming your free code, please remember to submit your code immediately after you have generated it.