Steam Geek • Get your free Steam wallet codes here legitimately in exchange for referrals!
How to get the key?

Our online generator functions on your unique referral link provided to you when using our site. Your only requirement to get your free Steam code is to share this unique referral link on any social media site of your choosing, and getting the required number of clicks from your friends and family to unlock your code. Because we rely on sharing unique referral links, there is no need for you to register with our website or provide any of your personal information to use our generator.

How to use the sponsorship?

As you saw on the first page after the displayed cards showing the required number of clicks to unlock your code, there is a single referral link on the screen. This is your
personal link you are required to share on any social media network in order to unlock your free code. We have developed a relationship as advertisors with gaming companies, so it is not necessary for you to have to register on our site, or send your personal information to us or any of our companies affiliates. The offers available to you are entirely dependent dependent on both your browser as well as the country where you reside. Once your referral is generated all we ask is that you share your referral link on a social media site, you want to get your free Steam code. Once your referral link generated is all that we ask is that you share your referral link on a social media site you want to get your free Steam card code.

What is the counter referral link?

There is a counter on EVERY sponsorship card, below the text "Blocking code" It will change if someone shares or
clicks on your link. "Click sponsorship: 1/10" Now, "1/10" means that someone
clicked on your referral link once. You must get 10 shares or clicks in order to unlock your free code.

Why is there there an offer after my meter either 10/10 or 15/15 or 20/20?

We are not responsible for these offers. This is a negotiation between Steam and their suppliers. If you see that an offer is available in your country or area go ahead and complete the offer. Don't worry, they are easy to complete, and it takes 1-3 minutes of your time.

Trick to get the code without having to pay?

YOU DO NOT NEED to pay anything! It's free!
Read the instructions on how to get the password: 1. Click "Code is unlocked" after you refer the required amount of clicks reference.
2. A pop-up with offers. [This is to prevent spam].
3. Choose any mobile offer [do not worry about the credit, see below].
4. Complete mobile deals, you will be charged and password to unlock it.
5. After unlocking password., Send "STOP" to the number associated with the offer.
6. Offer will be canceled and the credit will be restored.
7. Enjoy it!